New Non Camera Phone. Pinhole Camera Wood.

New Non Camera Phone

new non camera phone

    camera phone
  • A mobile phone incorporating a digital camera

  • "Camera Phone" is the fourth single from The Game's third album, LAX. . The song features R&B singer Ne-Yo. The song was produced by Cool & Dre. It appears as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the album only.

  • This is a mobile phone with a built-in camera device so you can take pictures with your phone and newer phones, record videos too.

  • A camera phone is a mobile phone which is able to capture either still photographs or video. Since early in the 21st century the majority of cameras and of mobile phones in use are camera phones. Most camera phones are simpler than separate digital cameras.

Thai Inspired Raw Soup & Dessert

Thai Inspired Raw Soup & Dessert

This is the dessert and soup that rounded out the Thai-inspired shiso-coconut zucchini noodle dish that is shown in the previous photo in my stream.

The challenge here was to come up with a nut-free and mostly seasonal dinner with all new recipes not so much to mimic known foods but rather to showcase raw ingredients on their own.

Shown here is a Spicy Tomato-Mango soup garnished with a daikon sprout.

And for dessert a black sesame seed paste filled tart topped with a coconut cream mixed with diced mango. Though not strictly local the ingredients were in season as well as low on the food chain so not that burdensome when all the real calculations are computed.

All gluten, soy, dairy, egg, and, nut-free.


I would have liked to have more soup per serving but the help I'd set up and expected did not arrive (so I did not have time to prep more mangos, or even tomatoes) but several unexpected guests did.

French Toaster

French Toaster

I figured this would go good with my new look. Probably should have been an AMC Pacer ! Cool van non the less. Spotted it this morning on Filbert @ Fillmore.

A little more info. (thanks to Hemin8r for IDing this thing)

French Toaster: 1974 Citroen HY van
A four-cylinder, 58 horsepower engine and three-speed transmission drives the front wheels. All four corners are suspended with simple and effective torsion bars. Because most of the HY’s parts are shared with its Citroen stablemates, the 2CV and Traction Avant

processed with "FX Photo Studio" App and some looooooove !

new non camera phone

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